Farm demonstration trial of Camelina in Morocco

  Under 4CE-MED project, on-farm demonstration trial of Camelina under conservation agriculture (CA) was planted at Oued Ghilane village near Settat, Morocco. A field event was organized for farmers on May 6, 2022. Twelve farmers and a student participated in the event. Office National du Conseil Agricole (ONCA) representative was met individually, informed the details…

Conservation agriculture and camelina

Conservation agriculture and camelina, sustainable practices and diversification for the new CAP 2023

On 2 March, as part of the 4CE-MED project, a workshop was held for members of the Alcamancha cooperative. The event was organised by Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain (Spanish Co-ops) in close collaboration with Camelina Company España, the Spanish Association of Conservation Agriculture and Living Soils (AEAC.SV) and Agri-food Cooperatives of Castilla La Mancha.  …


Πειραματικά Καμελίνας στην Ελλάδα

Η BIOS AGROSYSTEMS  MABEE σε συνεργασία με το ΚΑΠΕ, είναι υπεύθυνοι για την διεξαγωγή του πειραματικού σχεδιασμού για την καλλιέργεια Καμελίνας στην Ελλάδα. Στόχος του πειράματος είναι να καταδειχθούν, αφενός,  οι ιδανικότερες ημερομηνίες σποράς και αφετέρου η καλύτερη πρακτική, όσον αφορά τη λίπανση αλλά και τη συγκομιδή της Καμελίνας, με γνώμονα τις κλιματικές και περιβαλλοντικές…


Second meeting of the 4CE-MED multi-stakeholder platform in France

The second meeting of the French multi-stakeholder platform of the 4CE-MED project was held on September 1st in Dijon.   On this occasion, the first results of the Camelina 2021 trials were shared with farmers, techno-economic actors (Terres Inovia), processing operators (Saipol – Avril group) and institutions (Ministry of Agriculture and Food). While some crop…

Camelina oil extraction

Second meeting of 4CE-MED Local Multi-Stakeholder Platform of Algeria

The 4CE-MED Algerian stakeholders attending the meeting were 12 members including 3 females, representing farmers, training and technical institutes, Cooperative, farmer association representatives and university researchers. The platform will be open to new members in the future. After welcoming the attendance, Mr HANNACHI Abderrahmane and BENIDIR Mohamed gave a general presentation of the 4CE-MED project,…

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie


INRAT : Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie is the only Tunisian 4CE-MED partner. Within the framework of the project, trials were conducted in Kef experimental station of INRA Tunisia under conventional and conservation agriculture conditions. Camelina grew very well despite the severe condition of Kef region.