Cash Cover Crop Enhancing water and soil conservation in MEDiterranean dry-farming systems


One of the main targets of the 4CE-MED (Camelina: a Cash Cover Crop Enhancing water and soil conservation in MEDiterranean dry-farming systems) project is to engage local stakeholders in each of the seven participating countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia). To achieve this goal local multi-stakeholder platforms (LMSPs) have been created since…

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Local multi-stakeholder platforms

Local Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (LMSP) perspectives exchange in Mediterranean countries

In the first stage of the 4CE-MED project, under the work package 1 “Local Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (LMSP)” have been launched with the aim to locally co-design the optimal tailor-made solutions including Camelina Sativa as a cash cover crop for the Mediterranean environments. The local boards will include in each country long-term CA adopters who will…

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The first meeting of the 4CE-MED Italian stakeholder platform (including 15 members, i.e. farmers, farmer advisors, regional and national policy makers, and farmer association representatives) took place online on the 20th July 2020 The platform, which will engage new members in the coming months, has been set up to represent different geographical areas across Italy,…

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AAIC Webinar series

4CE-MED encourages to register at 2020 AAIC Webinar Series

The AAIC (Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops) was established in 1979 as an international, non-profit educational and scientific organization with the scope to: Encourage and promote the activities of those involved in the production, processing, development, and commercialization of industrial crops and products derived from industrial crops Educate and inform our members and…

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